The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Zaiobe: Skin and Bones

Life is interesting…and entertaining. A rather interesting man named Tamriel would be the main reason for this new turn. I like him…might have to keep him around for a while. His friends are…amusing little morsels. Their obvious distrust (dare I say fear?) of me is rather cute. Best to not eat all of them at once, lest I get bored.

Tamriel, unfortunately, seems to frown upon me dining on his comrades. All I wanted was to eat the shrimpy little one…no one would have even noticed that he was gone. Ah well. I can be patient with him. One hunger aside, I seem to be getting a little ravenous in another way. Tamriel should serve this need very well.

Now that I have this statue of Lord Pazuzu, I need to see about setting up a small shrine to him. I can’t wait to see the look on the tin-can’s face when she sees it.

Well, we may be heading to an actual city soon. As long as I keep out of sight, it should be most excellent hunting grounds…as long as the morsels here don’t make too much fuss.



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