The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Walthus: End Over End

So I learned something while traveling so far. As it turns out, horses are NOT, in fact, very much like snakes. At all.

While this would be normally very concerning to me and Mr. Vipers, it hasn’t been so bad. One girl ( I think her name is ‘Horse-girl, at least everyone calls her that) has been very helpful. She has made sure that I haven’t been smooshed by one of those big hairy not-snakes. She also seems to talk to Mr. Vipers a lot…although she insists that he would rather be called ‘The Imperious Lord Ophidius Maximus the twelfth; master of the woodling realm’. I like her…but sometimes she seems a little strange.

Oh. And I guess something happened to Ameiko and then a bunch of stuff happened and now we are traveling with a butterfly, a big lady, and a bird lady that I think wants to eat me. When did all this happen?



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