The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Shalelu: Walking After You

She is awake. Thank Desna, Calistria, Ketephys, Sarenrae and whomever else has been watching over her. Mostly, thank Cassandra, Deldubbin Tamriel, Si’r, and Aerika…with out them…

I can finally rest. I have been so tired as of late…not that it matters; Ameiko is fine, that is the important thing. She seems to fell the need to rush off into danger again…I’d best rest while I can. While I hope the others choose to come along…I shouldn’t have to count on them; they have done more than enough. I only wish I could do more…but I could not. I should have helped them more…if anything had happened due to my inaction…

More troubling is the creature that followed them back. A harpy. I’ve been forced to keep an even sharper eye out around her…she seems a formidable foe. I do not see the logic in allowing her to accompany us. I only see this ending in betrayal and disaster. What was Tamriel thinking? I hope Del remembers my warnings of such creatures…perhaps he can talk sense into them.

I shall go where Ameiko goes. If she runs into danger I shall be there at her side. It seems like we may be gone for quite some time…I must apologize to Cassandra. It seems like I will be unable to wander with her until I see this through. I hope she chooses to wander with us for a while longer.



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