The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Lurue: My Poor Brain

I do not like the Raven. She scares my friends too much. Arthur hasn’t slept a wink since she got here and Elly, poor girl, cannot hold her liquid around Raven. Little Guy seems to be scared of her too and Lord Ophidius Maximus keeps hiding in his coat. I should ask Catgirl what she thinks…I think she is a smart one; besides Davis likes her friend ever so much.

All George wants to do is talk politics with the Laughy-brothers but they just ignore him. He just wants to keep his mind off of Raven. Cathrine says we are going to go far far away and to dress warmly. I better listen to her…she always knows. Brent and Frisky keep trying to wander away but that is just what Raven wants…them to be alone. When they are alone she will GET them. I should have talky-lady talk some sense into them. Also, Gun-gnome needs to be more careful…his boomstick always spooks everyone…espeially Arthur. He is a big scaredy cat….scaredy horse…scaredy horse-cat.

If all else fails I’ll have my friends hide behind angry lady (the old one, not the new one). She will protect them.



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