The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Koya: Come Alive

My my my…this has certainly been quite the to-do. Now that dear Ameiko has regained herself, my heart can rest much easier and the lighter spirit of the journey can re-take the caravan. Up until her period of indisposure I had really been enjoying this outing. So nice to finally see the world.

Recently, I have become quite taken with an interesting little scamp named Spivey. My dear Tamriel and Cassandra introduced me her in a cemetery; one that was blessed by the Dream Tender, no less. Little Spivey and I share many things in common, let alone our devotion to Desna. She reminds me of what I was like as a much younger woman; Ah! Those were the days, weren’t they? She is a very refreshing individual and I am glad that she chose to accompany us.

Now that young Ameiko has awoken, she seems intent on continuing her journey; I shan’t pass up the chance to see more of this big, beautiful world while I can!



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