The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Cassandra: I won't say I'm--

It isn’t anything serious. Love is for children and I haven’t been that in a while. She’s just attractive, that’s all.

Today another person joined up with us! His name is Bucky and he seems kind of lost, like a puppy~ I think Del’ll take good care of him, or at least teach him ways to cope with the change. Ha! Aerika’s still grumpy but I know secretly she wants to be my friend~ And Tam’s gonna be a dad! Of a harpy!

…I wonder if he’s told mama Koya yet?

Anyways we have a lot of things going on besides that. We’re gonna cross the big north-something-or-other (if we can save the guy who’s supposed to be our guide) and a really nice barbarian named Kelda will be coming with us too. She helped us in Brinewall and decided to stay, because we’re all so charming~ Mostly I mean me but it’s good to give other people credit sometimes too. Also, Ameiko’s some kind of lost princess it turns out. I wonder if that has something to do with why she stopped adventuring? Probably, since she seemed just as surprised as the rest of us to find that out.

That’s it for today~!



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