The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Ameiko: Long Road to Ruin

I know that I had told myself ‘no more zany, whirlwind adventures’ but this one seemed innocent enough. Keyword there being ‘seemed’. sigh All I had wanted to do was to learn a little, just a little about my past and now I seem to be on the run from oni (whatever they are)and in the running to rule some nation on the ass-end of the world. The most annoying part of it was that I wasn’t even conscious for most of the excitement. All because some kami (whatever that is) decided to use my body as a combination inn and ouija board. Man, I hate being this grumpy…I think I need a hug. This is all just too much.

Well, if this is how destiny does things that’s fine by me. I’ll meet it just like everything else: head on. Besides, I have my friends with me…at least I think I do. I suppose I haven’t really asked everyone else if they want to follow me into a frost-ridden backwoods country infested with giant worm-dragons…wow. I can’t think of anyway to make that sound better. Maybe I could tell Si’R some of the legends and customs of that area…I hate to strong-arm the young one but I’ve kinda gotten used to having her around. She’s a good kid. They all are good guys.

So. This is my life now. Huh.



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