The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Si'R and Aura - Dialog 1

“There seems to be something on your mind. You’ve not been as active since the marsh.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t stop thinking about how we almost…”

“You were warned of such dangers before leaving the Order.”

“I know, I remember, but we’ve been able to manage up to this point! The worst we had were bruises and cuts, and those were easy to fix. I’m trying to understand what was so different this time.”

“The natural dynamic of a group is far removed from our typical binary solitude.”

“I don’t know, that seems too simple to be the entire reason. I mean look, we ran ahead and took out an entire room of goblins by ourselves. It’s not like we’re weak or anything.”

“A single wheel will not drive the cart.”

“Our tactics need to change?”

“You were the one asking the lady Koya of such.”

“I was more interested in how to procure some better equipment. Bandages and water only go so far to heal our wounds, and I don’t want to have to worry about being caught without supplies.”

“What exactly is your aim in this venture?”

“What, in getting new gear?”

“In travel.”

“I already told you why I left the Syrinx.”

“Yet there is more to it than just research. Deny me if I am wrong.”

“I…won’t deny it.”

“Then a new direction must be explored.”

“Alrighty, I get it, I get it. I’ll stop jumping into things prematurely.”


“And I’ll actually pay attention to the important stuff.”


“Okay fine, I’ll even go so far as to leave my research journal in my pack until the coast is absolutely clear.”


“You’re like a hen sometimes.”

“I have yet to say a word.”

Cassandra: Adventure Bait (Goblins!)
Entry 1

Today Mama Koya approached Tam and I asked asked us to take care of a goblin problem. She said to talk to Ameiko, since she’d know more. We went to the bar and there were lots of people there! Sandru’s caravan guard Aerika (the frown-y one with the pretty hair), Del (one of the Rusty Dragon’s more frequent patrons~), and Sandru were there as well. There was also a young girl with cuuuuuuute, fuzzy ears and a summoned bird creature! Her name was S’ir and her summon was named Aura or something like that. He doesn’t talk as much as she does, which isn’t saying all the much because she’s kind of quiet too. She’s from reeeeeeally far away and on her own for the first time! I hope I get to travel far from home one day, too.

Ameiko said there’s a goblin bounty out again, so we’d get make money for taking care of the problem! We were going to leave right away but then Tam asked to wait while he worked on his spells, so we did. Then we left! The swamp was really easy for me to walk through and no one was really having difficulties, except for Aerika because she gets stuck in the mud even walking on sand~! Ha!

There was a scary shadow and some loud noises that sounded like the stories fishermen tell of the “soggy river monster” but no one believed me about it, until Del saw its shadow too. Then we found a shack and I talked our way inside—Walthus Proudstump, the warden, lives in there. But then it turned out it wasn’t Walthus at all but a weird thing with tentacles for a tongue and it was gross! Del shot it and Aerika cleaved it in half. Then Tam and I found Walthus and he fed us, and brought us to the goblin’s village.

Most of them were already dead, which I thought was kind of silly. Why would they need us to kill goblins when there were hardly any left? But we took care of it, mostly. I need to remind Tam to be less trusting of people, because he tried to give them a gift of peace but it backfired and he ended up deaf for a little bit. He also got knocked unconscious and nearly died!! So did I, though. I need to be more careful! I don’t want to leave just yet.

When we woke up Mama Koya had healed us and had the look that said we were in trouble later, but she was still proud we’d helped get rid of all the goblins. Tam and I went back to the tavern to split up the loot! We each got a lot and then S’ir said she’d go shopping with me tomorrow~ Ameiko even says she’ll probably need us all again for another adventure soon!

Cassandra: New Faces, New Places!

Things sure have been busy around here lately. Mama Koya’s been getting even more restless and Sandru’s been hinting he wouldn’t mind going on a long journey either. One of Sandru’s caravan guards even quit the other day, saying she wanted to go on an adventure! If I didn’t know better, I’d say wanderlust was catching~

Of course, that means I have it too! I’m grown up and ready to set out and find my own place in this big world. I’ve been here long enough—it’s time to adventure!

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