The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Zaiobe: Skin and Bones

Life is interesting…and entertaining. A rather interesting man named Tamriel would be the main reason for this new turn. I like him…might have to keep him around for a while. His friends are…amusing little morsels. Their obvious distrust (dare I say fear?) of me is rather cute. Best to not eat all of them at once, lest I get bored.

Tamriel, unfortunately, seems to frown upon me dining on his comrades. All I wanted was to eat the shrimpy little one…no one would have even noticed that he was gone. Ah well. I can be patient with him. One hunger aside, I seem to be getting a little ravenous in another way. Tamriel should serve this need very well.

Now that I have this statue of Lord Pazuzu, I need to see about setting up a small shrine to him. I can’t wait to see the look on the tin-can’s face when she sees it.

Well, we may be heading to an actual city soon. As long as I keep out of sight, it should be most excellent hunting grounds…as long as the morsels here don’t make too much fuss.

Walthus: End Over End

So I learned something while traveling so far. As it turns out, horses are NOT, in fact, very much like snakes. At all.

While this would be normally very concerning to me and Mr. Vipers, it hasn’t been so bad. One girl ( I think her name is ‘Horse-girl, at least everyone calls her that) has been very helpful. She has made sure that I haven’t been smooshed by one of those big hairy not-snakes. She also seems to talk to Mr. Vipers a lot…although she insists that he would rather be called ‘The Imperious Lord Ophidius Maximus the twelfth; master of the woodling realm’. I like her…but sometimes she seems a little strange.

Oh. And I guess something happened to Ameiko and then a bunch of stuff happened and now we are traveling with a butterfly, a big lady, and a bird lady that I think wants to eat me. When did all this happen?

Spivey: Everlong

New scenery at last! And plenty of new faces too! Desna (whoo!) seems to be favoring her favorite little friend today! So far everyone seems like a lot of fun to travel with? Wait…not everyone. The harpy is a little (a lot) intimidating. I better keep an eye on her so my buddies don’t end up as brunch.

Oh Mistress, if you could see me now! Off on the road again, righting wrongs, fighting evil, watching destiny unfold: you would have loved it. Alas…hopefully Lady Desna (yeah!) and you are getting along. I hope so, she sure has been treating me fine lately.

This. Trip. Will. Be. So. Much. Fun!

Praise Desna! (Yeah baby!)

Kelda: Better Off

Finally out of that thrice-damned cage and fortune continues to favor me. While I have no longer any rights to the spoils, the conditions of my life-debt seem to favor me. I have heard talk of my homeland as a potential destination.

This may not be an easy journey; I am unaccustomed to overland travel. It looks to have a more claustrophobic feel. Not to mention the annoying insect and the untrustworthy bird-woman. I hope I do not need to kill either of them. The weregild that would be owed to my companions would be considerable…especially since they own my life already.

Well, life is a trial of skills, it shouldn’t ever be easy.

Haugen: Monkey Wrench

After many hours of continuous effort I finally managed to complete my appointed task. Not a moment too soon, it seems; once the more adventurous types returned we set off immediately. Curious, but not really my business. By the sound of things my contract may have the potential to be extended past the initial agreement.

Excellent. The opportunity to remain employed is an always welcomed surprise.

Bevelek & Vankor: Another Round

“Ei bine, frate, aceasta a fost o excursie interesantă mic.”

“Este cu siguranta are. Ei continua să fie difuzate în jurul ca copii pierdut la un târg.”

“Nu-i așa? La leasing fata Ameiko în cele din urmă este de până și despre. Nu-mi place să văd un astfel de om destul de blocat în pat.”

“Dacă nu e patul tău. Ha, ha.”

“Ha! Cred că da. Îmi pare rău că lucrurile cu Aerika nu a mers chiar atât de bine.”

“Aceasta este viața de-o zi, poate, inima mea va iubi din nou …”.

“Prin” o zi “, adică mâine, corect?”

“Hmm, da. Probabil.”

“Deci … unde ne îndreptăm acum?”

“Cine știe.”

Shalelu: Walking After You

She is awake. Thank Desna, Calistria, Ketephys, Sarenrae and whomever else has been watching over her. Mostly, thank Cassandra, Deldubbin Tamriel, Si’r, and Aerika…with out them…

I can finally rest. I have been so tired as of late…not that it matters; Ameiko is fine, that is the important thing. She seems to fell the need to rush off into danger again…I’d best rest while I can. While I hope the others choose to come along…I shouldn’t have to count on them; they have done more than enough. I only wish I could do more…but I could not. I should have helped them more…if anything had happened due to my inaction…

More troubling is the creature that followed them back. A harpy. I’ve been forced to keep an even sharper eye out around her…she seems a formidable foe. I do not see the logic in allowing her to accompany us. I only see this ending in betrayal and disaster. What was Tamriel thinking? I hope Del remembers my warnings of such creatures…perhaps he can talk sense into them.

I shall go where Ameiko goes. If she runs into danger I shall be there at her side. It seems like we may be gone for quite some time…I must apologize to Cassandra. It seems like I will be unable to wander with her until I see this through. I hope she chooses to wander with us for a while longer.

Sandru: Big Me

Ok, ok. I can breath again. I haven’t been that worried about Ameiko since the old days. I mean other kids have made me sweat a bit…Hell, I swear Aerika is gonna give me the heart attack that’ll force my early retirement any day now. She’s a good kid but sometimes I swear…

Now that I can get back to work (rather that continuing to pointlessly shuffle the cargo around) I feel a lot like my damned, beautiful, charming self again. Good to be getting back on the road again. I just hope they decide where the bloody hell I’m taking this side show to…I know what Ameiko is thinking and I can’t say I blame her. If it were me I’d have set off northward on foot by now, but I got the whole caravan to think of…I gotta babysit all these problem children. If everyone wants to go traipsing around the Land of the Linnorm Kings, that’s fine by me. Heck, I may be able to get some new trade contacts out of it. But if most people want to go home…well. I guess we’ll just have to see what the deal is. Like I learned early; Never jump to claim the pot before all the cards hit the table.

Koya: Come Alive

My my my…this has certainly been quite the to-do. Now that dear Ameiko has regained herself, my heart can rest much easier and the lighter spirit of the journey can re-take the caravan. Up until her period of indisposure I had really been enjoying this outing. So nice to finally see the world.

Recently, I have become quite taken with an interesting little scamp named Spivey. My dear Tamriel and Cassandra introduced me her in a cemetery; one that was blessed by the Dream Tender, no less. Little Spivey and I share many things in common, let alone our devotion to Desna. She reminds me of what I was like as a much younger woman; Ah! Those were the days, weren’t they? She is a very refreshing individual and I am glad that she chose to accompany us.

Now that young Ameiko has awoken, she seems intent on continuing her journey; I shan’t pass up the chance to see more of this big, beautiful world while I can!

Ameiko: Long Road to Ruin

I know that I had told myself ‘no more zany, whirlwind adventures’ but this one seemed innocent enough. Keyword there being ‘seemed’. sigh All I had wanted to do was to learn a little, just a little about my past and now I seem to be on the run from oni (whatever they are)and in the running to rule some nation on the ass-end of the world. The most annoying part of it was that I wasn’t even conscious for most of the excitement. All because some kami (whatever that is) decided to use my body as a combination inn and ouija board. Man, I hate being this grumpy…I think I need a hug. This is all just too much.

Well, if this is how destiny does things that’s fine by me. I’ll meet it just like everything else: head on. Besides, I have my friends with me…at least I think I do. I suppose I haven’t really asked everyone else if they want to follow me into a frost-ridden backwoods country infested with giant worm-dragons…wow. I can’t think of anyway to make that sound better. Maybe I could tell Si’R some of the legends and customs of that area…I hate to strong-arm the young one but I’ve kinda gotten used to having her around. She’s a good kid. They all are good guys.

So. This is my life now. Huh.


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