Terrifying Goblin Cannibal


Vorka is particularly frightening, especially to goblins who know of the stories that paint her in a cannibalistic light. Unfortunately for any goblins who might meet her, those stories, if anything, downplay her ferocity. Her mouth is her most fearsome feature—it’s a bit too wide, even by goblin standards, and Vorka’s habit of filing her already sharp teeth has resulted in a snaggletooth grin of mismatched teeth that leaves little doubt as to her preference for tough, stringy meat. Like goblin meat.

She wears rags and bits of stained cloth—trophies harvested almost at random from her hapless victims, over her equally patchwork leather armor. While her exact outfit can change in this manner depending on who her latest meals may have been, the one part of her apparel that never changes is her floppy, pointy leather hat—a hat Vorka stole from a human traveler and made crude alterations to in order to make it fit her large, misshapen head. Her tendency to keep dogs and horses as pets doesn’t help her already fearsome reputation.


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