The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

Tamriel: Every second that you are alive, is the calm before the storm.
So hear I wait for the lights and the thunder.
Cassandra: Night Visions

No more alcohol. That was stupid. You’re stupid.

Stop it.

We need to leave.

Aerika: back in camp.

Honesty is hard.

Cassandra: Conversations

Aerika and I painted our nails and then we polished weapons. She’s sooooooooooo cute~ One day she’ll get good at making friends! I have faith in her.

Deldubbin: It Won't Happen Again

We’re almost there, at the heart of the chamber.

We’re hiding out in a strange booze shrine under Ravenscraig. We found the sword. It’s power is unimaginable! I’m terrible at using it, but somehow better than the others. With practice, I’ll learn to wield it.

Or Aerika will.

I refuse to believe that she’s dead. Nice try, Tam. There’s a little twinkle you get in your eye when you get one of your plans. I don’t know what your plan is, nor do I care.

Even that aside, I know she’s still alive. I have a feeling, and feelings have never let me down before.

At least not in the long run.

Last time I faced this choice, I went back. I didn’t leave the one who told me to go. I didn’t run away and save the others. And the others died.

And you’re telling me that now, when I chose the other option, to save the others, the one I leave dies? No, there’s no such thing as a lose-lose. There’s always a way. I’m not gambling this time. I’m taking fate into my own hands. For the first time in a long, long time.

Haven’t touched a drink since you got taken. You always call me out on my drinking. I’m a devout of the Drunken God, and by his grace it is a damn sin to drink alone. Never again.

You’re gonna get out of here, you’re gonna take up this damn grumpy sword, and you’re coming with me over the Crown of the damn World and we’re killing some damn demons.

Because I’m sick of leaving soldiers behind.

I’m sick of being followed by ghosts.

Party Loot gdocs!

Here is a list of all the loot we have as a party.

We need to sell some shit.

Cassandra: ...

The Lady of Graves rest her soul.

Cassandra: I won't say I'm--

It isn’t anything serious. Love is for children and I haven’t been that in a while. She’s just attractive, that’s all.

Today another person joined up with us! His name is Bucky and he seems kind of lost, like a puppy~ I think Del’ll take good care of him, or at least teach him ways to cope with the change. Ha! Aerika’s still grumpy but I know secretly she wants to be my friend~ And Tam’s gonna be a dad! Of a harpy!

…I wonder if he’s told mama Koya yet?

Anyways we have a lot of things going on besides that. We’re gonna cross the big north-something-or-other (if we can save the guy who’s supposed to be our guide) and a really nice barbarian named Kelda will be coming with us too. She helped us in Brinewall and decided to stay, because we’re all so charming~ Mostly I mean me but it’s good to give other people credit sometimes too. Also, Ameiko’s some kind of lost princess it turns out. I wonder if that has something to do with why she stopped adventuring? Probably, since she seemed just as surprised as the rest of us to find that out.

That’s it for today~!

Life ees gōōd

(Insert Tam lounging in a hammock with sunglasses.

In a speedo.)

Lurue: My Poor Brain

I do not like the Raven. She scares my friends too much. Arthur hasn’t slept a wink since she got here and Elly, poor girl, cannot hold her liquid around Raven. Little Guy seems to be scared of her too and Lord Ophidius Maximus keeps hiding in his coat. I should ask Catgirl what she thinks…I think she is a smart one; besides Davis likes her friend ever so much.

All George wants to do is talk politics with the Laughy-brothers but they just ignore him. He just wants to keep his mind off of Raven. Cathrine says we are going to go far far away and to dress warmly. I better listen to her…she always knows. Brent and Frisky keep trying to wander away but that is just what Raven wants…them to be alone. When they are alone she will GET them. I should have talky-lady talk some sense into them. Also, Gun-gnome needs to be more careful…his boomstick always spooks everyone…espeially Arthur. He is a big scaredy cat….scaredy horse…scaredy horse-cat.

If all else fails I’ll have my friends hide behind angry lady (the old one, not the new one). She will protect them.


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