Announcemet 4: Book Wrap Party

Alrighty everyone. A couple things have been going on. First off Everyone gets a hero point for completing the book. Yay! Good for you guys. Also you guys got a few RP that I need to hand out but I’ll do that at the session.

Zaiobe (for better or worse)and Kelda now have pages.

Also, if you noticed, all the NPCs have written adventure logs themselves. First one to text me the reference all their posts have gets another hero point.

Announcement 3: General maintenance.

Added several NPCs to the wiki.
Bevelek & Vankor
Lurue Annsa

All have pages. Feel free to update any info on them.
Also, all Caravan characters have been tagged for easy sorting.

Announcement 2: Licktoads no more.

Good job everybody, thanks to your efforts, his mighty girthness has fallen. In celebration, any who has done (or will do) an adventure post recounting this event shall receive 1 hero point. The first person to ask me about hero points shall gain a second. Let us see who is actually reading this.

You all killed a lot of goblins; you know who really hates goblins? Shalelu. Everyone with a relationship with Shalelu Andosana increases their score by 1! This has already been added to your online character sheets.

Announcement 1: We were goblins!

For completing the into session ‘We Be Goblins!’, all participating players shall receive one trait. While no real connection exists between the goblins and the heroes, the effects of that adventure have bled over to the PCs.

Aerika: Reta was very eager to get to the enemy (or ally) to put the hurt into them. Aerika inherits the Excitable trait, granting +2 to Initiative.

Si’R: Mogmurch got into many sticky (and tongue-y) situations, but usually found a way out. Si’R inherits the Rapscallion trait, granting +1 on Escape Artist checks and +1 Initiative

Tamriel: Chuffy couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Tamriel inherits the Vagabond trait, granting +1 on Sleight of hand; this is always a class skill for you now.

Deldubbin: Screechy was overly proud and urbane for a goblin. Deldubbin inherits the Pomp and Pageantry trait, granting a + 1 trait bonus on Acrobatics, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Perform, and Ride checks if you spend twice as long as it normally takes to make that check.

Cassandra: Poog was oddly caring for his fellows, healing their wounds. Cassandra inherits the Caretaker trait, granting +1 on heal checks; this is always a class skill now.

The Forest of Spirits (Group Dos)

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